Tattoo and Piercing maker - Course 90hours

Additional Info

  • Durata: 90 hours
  • Prezzo: 1100 €

Additional information
Duration: 90 h
Price: 1100 €
Next Course: 22th Octuber 2015 
Attendance: Thursday and Friday 14:00 – 19:00
Saturday 9:00 -14:00
Entries opened for the 2nd course: 3rd November 2014 Attendance: Monday 9,30 - 18,00 Tuesday 14,00 - 19,00
Attendance (evening course):11th November 2014 Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday - Friday 18,00 - 22,00
Doctor in accademy for issuing the certificate of phisycal/mental fit

Description and purposes of the Course:
The course for operators of tattoo and piercing, authorized by the Lazio Region, gives the student a certificate entitling him to the profession. This course is aimed at those already engaged in such activity, and to those who wish to open their own shop. It's also to those who are already in possession of the title of “Estetista” and carries out its activities into its own beauty-center.

The course includes a theoretical-practical training lasting 90 hours. At the end of the course the student should have acquired the knowledge necessary for the execution of the tattoo and piercing in safe conditions. The practical lessons are conducted on inert materials such as synthetic leather or pork rinds
• 18 years old
The didactic equipment that has the value of € 200.00 will be made available free of charge from the Academy for the duration of the course

Training modules: training is divided in 5 modules:
- Module n. 1: Tattoo (taught by a Professional Tattooist): Knowledge of material,usage and regulations; practical assembly "Tattoo Machine"; assembly and disassembly work bench and cautions relating to the danger of contamination of the equipment; Stencil and practical application; Theory on the drafting of the "Line - Gradient - Color"; Tattoo styles and their execution; Practical tests on synthetic leather
- Module n. 2: Anatomy (taught by an expert): Skin and mucous membranes: gross anatomy; defense systems of the skin and mucous membranes, inflamed skin, skin infections; main infectious agents and their mode of transmission, hygiene and chemistry. Main transmitted infections parental - blood; prevention of disease transmission to parental blood; Disinfection, sterilization and waste disposal; chemical substances used in tattoos; metals; granulomas and keloids; reactions isomorphic to the holders of psoriasis and lichen
- Modulo n. 3: Piercing (taught by professional Piercer): General introduction; sanitation standards; workbench; disposal of waste; sterilization; informed consent; regulations for opening your own studio; introduction to the different types of piercing; Piercing Surface; Dermal; inplants; execution of all kinds of piercing.
 - Module n. 4: Chromatic Semi Permanent Makeup / Micropigmentation (taught by a professional Makeup artist): Definition and introduction to micropigmentation cosmetic, corrective and reconstructive; differences between tattooing and micropigmentation; phases of the treatment; pre-treatment advice; proofing and sensitivity; contraindications, precautions and maintenance; photographic media, informed consent and technical data; notion hygiene and safety; preparation workstation; equipment and products for the micropigmentation; technical introduction to the chemistry and pigments; signs of colorimetry and pigmentologia; appropriate selection of the color; signs of morphology; maneuvers used in cosmetic micropigmentation, with practice on a synthetic material; application techniques on eyebrows, intense shade and light shade; application techniques on the lips, contour and shading light; application techniques eyes, infracigliare.
- Module n. 5: Practical Course Design (taught by a professional tattoo artist): Proportion of the draw; freehand drawing; Simplification of the drawings of the customer; Stencil applied; Surfaces to be tattooed; Color Theory: primary and secondary colors; Star of Oswald; The elementary graphical entities

Assesment of learning:
At the end of every module, to monitor the level of learning of the students, there will be some tests.
Ammission to the final exams:
To be admitted at the final exams, the student should have passed the final ballot with an average of 18/30. The frequency, in addition, shall not be less than 90% of the total hours.
Final exams:
The assessment aimed at issuing Attestation consists of a written test, theory test and a practical test.
The examination committee will be composed of a representative of the Lazio Region as President, Teachers of the Academy, from the Course Director and the representative of the trade unions.

At the end of the course, after passing the final examination the student will receive a certificate that enables him to the profession and to open his own laboratory.
Mandatory documents:
• copy of a valid ID
• copy of the tax code
certificate of phisycal/mental fit issued by the ASL of competence
• if extra UE, residence permit

Location of the course
Roma - Via Sestio Calvino 83/89 - Metro A Subaugusta
It is possible to stay for all the duration of the course at B&B AL-CIAK with great discounts
Price of the diurnal course:
€ 100,00 at the entry
€ 1.000 instalments during the course
Exam tax FREE (only 16.00 euros stamp)
Price of the evening course:
€ 100,00 at the entry
€ 1.400 instalments can be made during the course
Exam tax FREE (only 16.00 euros stamp)