Retraining Course for Barbers 150 Hours

Additional Info

  • Durata: 150 ore
  • Prezzo: 1200 €

Additional Information
Duration: 150 hours
Price: 1200 €

Retraining for Barbers (150 hours)
Registration: always open
Description and Purpose of the Course: This is a course of retraining to exercise autonomous activity of Acconciatore. It is intended for those who are in possession of the status of barber or those who have completed a 'qualified professional experience working not less than three years, as an employee, family member or adjunct participant to work at companies barber (can be attended also during the third year of work specification). The course is aimed at integrating the technical and scientific skills and cultural barber acquired by the user in the course of his professional experience, for the financial year in the form of entrepreneurial activity hairdresser.

Qualifications required: qualification certificate barber or appropriate professional experience.

Training modules: Health and safety; Dermatology and Trichology; computer Science; Business Organization; Commercial Law and Discipline of the field for the exercise of the activity; Communication and promotion; english; Laboratory technical-professional redeveloped on woman

Final Exams:
The Proof of assessment, aimed at the issue of the certificate, consists of:
- Practical Test on a model
- Oral exam on the theoretical disciplines
- Written Exam on the theoretical disciplines with quiz

Diploma issued: certificate of professional qualification is valid for the exercise of the profession, in business form, as a hairdresser.
For the purpose of issuing the certificate is allowed a maximum number of absences equal to 20% of the total hours.

Location of the course:  ROMA – VIA SESTIO CALVINO N° 83/89 Metro A Subaugusta

Mandatory documents:
-Nulla Osta issued by Province of competence
-Barber certificate of qualification
-Copy of a valid ID
-Copy of the tax code
-if extra UE, residence permit

Cost of the Course:
€ 100,00 at the entry
€ 250,00 Bag full of equimpent (optional)
€ 1.200,00 instalments can be made during the course

Exam's contribution has to be paid at the end of the course