Course of Qualification for Hairstylists - 1800 Hours

Additional Info

  • Durata: 1800 hours
  • Prezzo: 2500 €

Course of Qualification for Hairstylists - 1800 Hours
Additional Information
Duration: 1800 hours
Price: 2500 €
Next Course: October 6, 2015


Morning Course from Tuesday to Friday from 9.30 to 13.30
Afternoon Course from Tuesday to Friday from 14.00 to 18.00

Description and Purpose of the Course:
The Hairstylist is a figure able to exercise activities including all treatments and services designed to edit, enhance and protect the appearance of the hair, including hair treatments complementary, that do not involve the provision of medical, curative or healthy treatments; also the cut, the aesthetic treatment of the beard and any other service related to or complementary.It is the professional figure capable to propose and implement for our customers a treatment related to the characteristics and the appearance of the person, related to the fashion and traditions of other cultures.

The course is recognized by the Lazio region, spread over two years with 900 hours each on a daily basis from Tuesday to Friday and provides an amount of 96 hours of internship (included in the 900h) . At the end of two years, the student will have a theoretical and practical examination in order to obtain a certificate of qualification as an Hairdresser. Passed successfully the final exams, the student can access at the Specialization Course of 500 hours that is indispensable to open his own salon.

accomplished sixteenth year of age (16)

Training modules:
• Area of Languages: Acceptance / Work orientation / Italian Language / Foreign Language (English) / Communication and Psychology
• Scientific Area: Mathematics / Anatomy / Dermatology / Hair treatment / Chemistry / Cosmetology
• Social-economic area: Law / Business Management / Information Technology / Health and Safety
• Technical Operating Area: Professional theory / technical-professional Laboratory

Final Exams:
The Proof of assessment, aimed at the issue of the certificate, consists of:
- Practical Test on a model
- Oral exam on the theoretical disciplines

- The examination committee is composed in part by internal members of the Academy and in part by external members

Diploma issued: 
Biennal qualification of Hairstylist

Location of the course: 
ROMA – VIA SESTIO CALVINO N° 84/85/ 87/89  Metro A Subaugusta

Mandatory documents:
• Copy of a valid ID
• Copy of the tax code
• If extra UE, residence permit


Cost of the Course:
€ 250.00 inclusive of bag containing all the necessary equipment for the course, to be paid at registration.
€ 2,500.00 installements can be made during the first year of the course (ex. € 250.00 for 10 months)
€ 2,500.00 installements can be made during the second year of the course (ex. € 250.00 for 10 months)
Contribution to the examination of € 200,00 to be paid at the end of the course

Opportunity to sign up for the Second Year for those coming from other schools

Free registration for those who have attended the first year at our Academy