Intensive Course Hairstyle

Additional Info

  • Durata: 120 ore
  • Prezzo: 2500 €

Additional Information

Duration: 120 hours
Price: 2500 €

Dates of next course:
September 2014

Opening hours: 9.30 to 13.30 / 14.00 to 18.00

Frequency: Monday and/or Saturday

Objective: is a course oriented to learn the essential techniques to improve the quality of the hair straightening with hair dryer, curling with iron plate and phon, pinched hair, hair curlers, various types of hairstyles, application of toupee, until the execution of base and advanced hairstyle. This course will be expanded by knowledge of the image, illustrating the various techniques in the context of styling, the historical evolution that occurred over the years. Through this path you will come to understand with the help of modern styling techniques, the complete immagine of the person, in all material respects.



Theoretical and practical explanation of the various techniques of using the hair dryer:

- Sections

- Keratinization of the hair

- Volume and ironing

- Clamping

- Waves with hair dryer and handmade

- Pinched hair

- Use of plates and curling iron

- Rolls and assembly type



Demonstration and theoretical explanation to prepare a base hairstyle

- Backcombing

- Supports (frizz hair to obtain volume)

- toupee

- ties

- torchon

- braids

- Bunned, straight and curly hair

-Half bunned hair

- Ribbons/Flowers

- Chignon



Study of the various face shapes

Design and performance of a hairstyle - day, evening and ceremony



Bride hairstyle



Hairstyle for fashion shows:

Decorative applications - Use of hairpieces - Revival 60-70 years



Hairstyle TV – Photo shooting:

Fashion and image



Study of historical characters and historical realization of hairdressing:

hairstyle during the 20th century and its evolution, from the 20s to the 70s


Material supplied: handouts

What students should bring: head with real hair, hair dryer, brushes 3 sizes (small - medium - large) different size rollers, plate, babyless, tie rods, hairpieces, toupe, hiar pins, tail comb, tweezers, beaks of storks, clams, nets for hairstyles.

Location of the course:

the Academy located in Rome, Via Sestio Calvino 84/85/87/89.

Duration of the course:
120 Hours - 30 Lessons

Cost of the course:

Entry € 100.00 without bag

Entry € 250,00 with bag

€ 2,500.00 installments can be made during the duration of the course

Possibility of accommodation for the duration of the course at the B & B AL-TAKE


Monday 9.30 to 13.30