Cutting base-course advanced Female

Additional Info

  • Durata: 12 ore
  • Prezzo: 450 €

Additional Information

     Duration: 12 hours
     Price: 400 €

Dates of next course:

September 2014

Opening hours: 9.30 to 13.30 / 14.00 to 18.00


Objective: To acquire manuality in the use of the razor. Create, fade and draw various types of beards, goatees and mustaches.

Who is it for:
to employees with good experience in the barber

- Brief history on the beard
-Study of the face and its morphology
-Manuality with half and full blade razors
-The shaving, smoothing and finishing of the beard and mustache
-Beard cut with cutting scissors and with thinning scissors
- Finishing and trimming sideburns
-Design of goatee and its nuances
-Use of soap, soaping of the beard and mustache
-Fashion’s effect

Materials provided:

What participants should bring:
Head with real hair and beard, professional hair dryer, set of brushes of various sizes, short and long hairstyle comb, half blade razor, full blade razor, thinning scissors and cutting scissors.

Duration and location of the course:

3 days
the Academy is located in Rome, Via Sestio Calvino 83/89.

Cost of the course:

entry € 50.00
 € 400.00 to be paid the first day of the course

Cost of the customized course:

 entry € 50.00
 € 600.00 to be paid the first day of the course

Possibility of accommodation for the duration of the course at the B & B AL-TAKE with great discounts