Course Nails Reconstruction - 200 Hours Onicotecnico

Additional Info

  • Durata: 200 ore
  • Prezzo: 1490 €

Additional Information

     Duration: 200 hours
     Price: € 1,490

Next Course: 29 September 2014




Monday from 9:30 to 18:00

Tuesday - Wednesday from 14.00 to 18.00.

Description and Purpose of the Course:
The course of the reconstruction of artificial nails of 200 hours, recognized by Regione Lazio, gives the student a certificate entitling him to open his own Nails Center. The course takes place over three months three times a week.

18-th year's age.

Who can engage in Reconstruction of Nails: Enabling the opening of Centres Nails with this title is officially guaranteed only within the Regione Lazio. Residents in other regions may still be interested in your Camera di Commercio to know the orientation and the ability to actually check whether or not to open the business in its territory without the qualification of Beauty, or only with the certificate of the Course 200 hours authorized by the Lazio Region.

No course enables the exercise instead of "OCCUPATION" onicotechnic in Italy.

Anyone who promises "Courses recognized throughout Italy" or even "approved courses throughout Europe" is therefore simply not true.

References to legislation:
* Reads January 4, 1990 n. 1 (of 4 gu 01/05/1990) - Discipline of Business Beauty. * Law 8 August 1985, n. 443 (gu n. 199, 08.24.1985) - Framework Law for the Arts.

Training modules:

     Psychology of Communication and Marketing
     Anatomy, Physiology and Dermatology
     Chemistry and Cosmetology
     Social Legislation and Professional Ethics
     Accounting and Business Organization
    Technical-professional Laboratory


Technical-professional Laboratory program:

     Nail Gel: Presentation of products and various instruments - Explanation of the differences of the various types of UV GEL - Anatomy of the nails and major diseases and disorders - Hygiene and disinfection of instruments - Preparation of the nail plate - Choice of various types of tip, application and modeling - Crowning and curve C - Application and drafting of the french
     Nail gel (nail form): Difference between form and nail tip - nail Application form - How to get a perfect curvature C with the use of the pincher - French with nail form
     Application and preparation gel and gel semi-permanent color: Laying the color, define the area cuticular and drafting of the sealant over the color
     Nail Art: Color Theory - Practice Tests on tip of nail art - Creating pure colors, glitter and pearl - Visualizations - Shades - Application Techniques micro beads and glitter on french
     Reconstruction in acrylic: Explanation of the monomer and polymer - Application and preparation of nail form, stretching and proper construction - Use one color for dust and french
     Reconstruction of nail biting and new forms of living room: Filing for forms such as stiletto, square and almond
     Cutter: Knowledge of machinery - Demonstration of the use of the cutter for the preparation of the natural nail and nail for correct forms of rebuilt - Refill

Final Exams:

Practical test and interview.

The examination committee is composed of faculty and the academy by the President of the Commission sent by the Regione Lazio. Passed the final exam the student will receive a certificate recognized by the Regione Lazio, which will be valid for the opening of their own business.

For the purpose of admission to the final examinations is allowed a maximum number of absences equal to 20% of the total hours.

Location of the course:
ROME - VIA SESTIO CALVINO N ° 83/89, Metro Subaugusta (Cinecittà area)

Possibility of accommodation for the duration of the course at the B & B AL-TAKE with great discount

Documents required for enrollment:

     Photocopy of the tax code
     Photocopy of a valid ID
     Residence permit if non-EU

Cost of the Course Day:

     € 100.00 at registration
     € 1390.00 installments can be made during the course.
     The cost of the course is inclusive of kit with lamp, coat and bag
     The kit will remain the property of the student from the first day of the course

Contribution to the examination of € 100.00 to be paid at the end of the course