Course Nail Mill

Additional Info

  • Durata: 4 ore
  • Prezzo: 99,00 €

Additional Information

     Duration: 4 hours
     Price: € 99.00

Date of next course: Customizable


Hours: 30.09 / 13.30 or 14.00 / 18:00


Objective: To acquire dexterity in the use of the Nail Mill on the natural and rebuilted nails

Who is it for: those who already have experience in the nail rebuilding with the methods of gel and acrylic base


· Explanation of the parts that compose the Nail Mill and its usage

· Demonstration of the use of the Nail Mill for the preparation of the natural nail

· Demonstration of the use of the Nail Mill to shape the nail rebuilt

· Refill in gel and acrylic


Place of the course: Via Roma Sestio Calvino 84/85/87/89

Duration: 4 hours


Cost of course :

·entry € 50.00

· € 99.00 to be paid at the beginning of the course


The academy offers to its students, all materials needed for the course.