Course Design for Tattooists

Additional Info

  • Durata: 12 Ore
  • Prezzo: 500,00 €

Additional Information

     Duration: 12 Hours
     Price: 400,00 €

Date of next course: Customizable

Objective: The objective of the design course for tattoo artists to transform their shortcomings and weaknesses into strengths, assuring greater independence and professional success. This course allows you to take the road that leads to the discovery of your own style of expression and identity, a personal graphic signature recognizable.

Who is it for: those who already have knowledge of Tattoo and Piercing


First Day:

     The Scribble
     Crafts: basic exercises, basic and advanced levels.
     See the actual shape of the image
     Proportions and visual-spatial intelligence for design
     How to find your own style and feel: basic theory and practical exercises
     How to enhance creativity
     Theory and Use of Color: Star of Oswald
     The primary colors
     The secondary colors
     Tertiary colors
     The chiaroscuro
     How to fix the shade
     Concurrency and Complementarity of color

Second Day:

     Influence of the images on the tattooed person
     Subdivision of the area to be tattooed: what are the rules, follow them or break them when
     Meanings of the space to be tattooed
     The elementary graphical entities
     Knowing the symbolism of the human body in various parts
     Harmonious and expressive relations between graphic, color, symbol, location, relationship with his own personal style
     Tattoos Traditional Old Technique
     The tattoo "Japanese" style Old

Third Day:

     New Technique Tattoo Traditional
     The tattoo "Japanese" style New

  Materials Provided: Handouts

duration of the course:
3 days 4 hours each

Location of the course:
Via Sestio Calvino 84/85/87/89

Cost of the course:
entry € 50.00
€ 400.00 to be paid the first day of the course

Possibility of accommodation for the duration of the course at the B & B AL-TAKE with great discount

It is possible to obtain a license by attending the Regional Course Tattoo and Piercing (90 hours)here in the Accademy.